STB Light Lingual System

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STB™ Light Lingual System

Patient demand for aesthetic solutions is driving lingual orthodontics to unprecedented popularity as people seek beautiful smiles without the obvious appearance of metal or ceramic brackets.

The STb Light Lingual System delivers superior outcomes — efficient, simplified and faster treatment as well as greater patient comfort — for all levels of cases. A first in lingual orthodontics, STb utilizes a new passive self-ligation design for dramatically reduced friction and lighter forces.

Developed by two of the leading lingual practitioners in the world, Drs. Giuseppe Scuzzo and Kyoto Takemoto, the STb system comprises the most advanced lingual technology, making it incredibly comfortable for the patient and very easy to use — even for clinicians new to lingual.

  • With STb, patient compliance issues disappear as you no longer need to worry about misplaced aligners or interruptions in treatment time.
  • Unique to lingual brackets, STb has minimal impact on tongue position and speech; clinical studies have demonstrated that the negligible speech difficulty disappears within a few days of bonding. STb brackets have the lowest bracket profile at just 1.5 mm.
  • STb is the ideal solution for those cases that are not suitable for aligner treatment, because they require the high level of control that only fixed appliances can provide.
  • The STb Light Lingual System is applicable to all levels of cases, and our recently introduced STb Social 6 is ideal for minor to moderate cases involving anterior teeth.
  • STb cases can be prepared with a standard indirect setup by AOA Lab or in your own practice. In most cases STb does not require a full T.A.R.G. or C.L.A.S.S. setup, making it far simpler and nearly half the cost of other lingual setups.

Before & After STB Cases

Treatment Time
3 months (2 wires used)
Treatment Time
7 months (2 wires used)
Treatment Time
8 months (2 wires used)
Treatment Time
10 months (2 wires used)

STb Doctor Brochure, English

STb Social 6

The truly invisible aligner alternative for minor to moderate cases
As an experienced clinician, you know that in many cases aligner treatment doesn’t produce the results patients expect. Treatment time frequently surpasses one year, which makes patient compliance more challenging.

For patients motivated to correct minor to moderate crowding or spacing issues affecting the social six, STb Social 6 represents an excellent alternative that delivers outstanding results, with treatment time typically ranging from 6 to 16 weeks.

STb Social 6 delivers consistent high-quality results for routine anterior crowding or spacing in as little as 6 weeks. Any orthodontist can quickly master STb Social 6 treatment with or without prior lingual experience. It is a tremendous practice builder for me and my patients love it. by Dr. Guiseppe Scuzzo

Before & After Photos of STb Social 6 Cases

Treatment times ranged from 5 weeks to 16 weeks. In most of these cases only one archwire was required. These cases were treated by Dr. Giuseppe Scuzzo and represent the results you can achieve with STb Social 6.

5 weeks (1 wire used)
6 weeks (1 wire used)
6 weeks (1 wire used)
8 weeks (1 wire used)
11 weeks (1 wire used)
16 weeks (1 wire used)



  • Treat any case of minor to moderate anterior crowding or spacing with maximum control and no compliance issue
  • Confidently predict treatment time and deliver optimal results


  • Thanks to passive self-ligation and light hi-tech wires, friction is dramatically reduced and treatment time accelerated
  • Most cases finish in less than 16 weeks


  • Brackets feature a 1.5 mm profile and rounded contours that are clinically proven to reduce lingual interference and minimize speech issues


  • STb Social 6 is easy to learn and use — even for practitioners without lingual experience
  • A simple two-wire sequence quickly unravels and aligns teeth — most cases require just one wire


  • STb is a superior practice builder
  • Rely on indirect setup through AOA Lab for accurate and easy bracket placement
  • Cost to the doctor is 80% less than a full case of aligners






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