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Intelligent Design for Controlled Performance

Who would have thought a bracket could overcome the inherent limitations of active self-ligating appliances by delivering new gains in efficiency, control and predictable results? Now all that and more is possible with Ormco’s Prodigy SL active self-ligating bracket.

The patented design of Prodigy SL provides you with maximum rotational control, proven bond reliability and consistent clinical performance. Plus, Prodigy SL’s SpinTek slide is constructed of Copper Ni-Ti™ for less wear, greater performance and delivery of continuous force that means more predictable results.


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Intelligent Design for Controlled Performance

The Next Generation in Active Brackets

Predictable Control, Continuous Force
  • Copper Ni-Ti slide and patented bridge design deliver more consistent clinical performance than Voudouris clip designs for faster, more predictable results.
  • Copper Ni-Ti slide offers less resistance to sliding in early phases of treatment and delivers constant force without deformation throughout all phases to ensure consistent wire retention for torque expression and maximum rotational control. (Fig. 1)
  • Patented bridge design prevents irregular bending of the Copper Ni-Ti slide, ensuring greater rotational control compared with Voudouris clip designs and more rigid forces during finishing phases.

With a slide that is over 6 times stronger than the competition, Prodigy delivers predictable control from start to finish! by Dr. Mark Coreil


In-Ovation® R (Voudouris Design)* Clip

Deformation begins to occur at 1.5 lbs. of force, resulting in up to .018 inches of deformation from the clip’s natural resting position as shown in the “before” picture. Rotational control may be compromised.


Empower® (Voudouris Design)* Clip

Deformation begins to occur at .95 lbs. of force, resulting in up to .012 inches of deformation from the clip’s natural resting position as shown in the “before” picture. Rotational control may be compromised.


Prodigy SL Slide

Maintains formation up to 10 lbs. of force. Rotational control is NOT compromised.

Fast and Easy Opening

SpinTek slide design employs reciprocal forces during opening — for a net force of 0 kg even with calculus build-up — for fast, comfortable wire changes and adjustments. Voudouris self-ligating brackets require a unidirectional force to open the clip, exerting up to 1.34 kg of pressure that can cause patient discomfort.

The opening/closing slide mechanism slides gingivally (away from the occlusion), allowing the orthodontist to view the occlusion during archwire changes with no clip interference. Plus, Prodigy SL features a cuspid pad bracket that actually fits the cuspids! by Dr. Straty Righellis

Easy to Open
To open, insert the opening end of the Prodigy SL Opening/Closing instrument into the slide, release cavity and twist slightly.

Easy to Close
To close, use your finger to position the closing prongs of the prodigy SL Opening/Closing Instrument on either side of the slot and squeeze the opposing prong.


Precision Fit, Reliable Bond Strength

  • Patented laser-etched pad provides optimal bond strength and reliability (Fig. 2)
  • Anatomically contoured pad for better fit, including tooth-shaped pad for cuspids
  • Fast, comfortable debonding experience for patients when using the Prodigy SL Debonding Instrument

Due to a low profile of the Prodigy SL bracket and excellent contour of the base, bracket failures are significantly reduced. by Dr. John Oubre

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Auxiliary Products

Prodigy SL Opening/Closing Instrument866-4040
Prodigy SL Debonding Instrument866-4041
Prodigy SL Double-Ended Opening Instrument866-4042
Drop-In Hooks (U/L 5-5) 30 per pack242-0114

Practice Marketing Materials

Prodigy SL Typodont717-0090
Prodigy SL Consultation Model717-0095


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