RePlant® System

RePlant Two-Piece Implant System Featuring:

  • Straight/Tapered body design and dimensions match NobelReplace® Tapered Groovy implant allowing insertion with Nobel Biocare’s drills
  • Tri-Lobe color-coded platform is compatible with NobelReplace® abutments
  • SBM (Soluble Blast Media) textured surface to top of implant
  • Color-coded fixture-mount usable as a transfer and shortened for use as a temporary abutment
  • Use of titanium alloy for an increase in strength compared to Nobel Biocare’s Tri-Lobe implants manufactured from CP titanium
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Mini-threads with Double-lead Threads for Faster Insertion

The bodies of the RePlus and ReActive implants are tapered evenly from the top to facilitate insertion into an undersized socket in soft bone providing compression that increases initial stability (G. Niznick: Clinical Oral Health 2000 “Achieving Success in Soft Bone”).

The RePlant implant is designed with a straight/tapered profile matching that of the NobelReplace Implant (Nobel Biocare). Minithreads start 1.0mm below the crest of the bone and extend approximately 2.0mm before transitioning into double-lead threads to the apex of the implant.

The mini-threads, half the depth and pitch of the double-lead body threads, reduce stress in the critical crestal bone region, while double-lead threads reduce the number of turns required to seat the implant.

Vertical cutting grooves extend halfway up the implant from the apex for self-tapping insertion. All three implants are available with SBM textured surface over the entire implant and HA is an option for RePlus and ReActive.


SBM™ and HA Coated Surface Options

SBM surface is created by using a Soluble Blast Media of Hydroxylapatite (HA) crystals to create a medium-rough texture. We use the same vendor for its SBM and HA coated surface treatments as used by Paragon Implant Company from 1992-2000 when these studies were conducted.


RePlus and ReActive Implants


RePlant Implants


Nobel Biocare-Compatible Internal Tri-Lobe
Prosthetic compatibility with Nobel Biocare’s NobelReplace™ Implant

Surgical Compatibility between RePlant & NobelReplace™
No need to change surgical protocol or tools

Implant Designs & Packaging Options
Allows for selection based on price, packaging or thread design

RePlant: All-in-1 Packaging includes cover screw, temporary abutment/transfer
RePlus: All-in-1 Packaging includes cover screw & “snappy” abutment/transfer
ReActive: All-in-1 Packaging includes cover screw & preparable abutment/transfer


Reduce crestal stress for improved initial stability

Coronal Bevel on RePlus & ReActive
Allows for use of platform switching technology

Titanium Alloy
Offers superior strength to pure titanium

Just a sampling of the broad prosthetic portfolio to choose from:


replant - 01 replant - 02 replant - 03 replant - 04 replant - 05 replant - 06 replant - 07 replant - 08 replant - 09 replant - 10 replant - 11 replant - 12 replant - 13 replant - 14 replant - 15 replant - 16 replant - 17 replant - 18 replant - 19 replant - 20 replant - 21 replant - 22 replant - 23 replant - 24 replant - 25 replant - 26 replant - 27 replant - 28 replant - 29 replant - 30 replant - 31 replant - 32 replant - 33 replant - 34 replant - 35 replant - 36


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