Insignia Approver Interface

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Insignia Approver Interface (Ai)

The award–winning Insignia Advanced Smile Design allows you to combine your treatment strategy with the precision of computer-aided smile design to give every patient an optimal occlusion and smile arc specifically proportioned to their unique facial features. Insignia can make difficult cases more manageable and routine cases exceptional.

Presenting an easy-to-use Approver Interface

Insignia Ai’s clean, sleek design creates a more intuitive experience and now includes a Wizard that navigates users through the suggested approval process step by step to provide an added level of case support. Not sure what step is next or the best way to make a critical adjustment? Just let the Wizard guide you!


Advanced Algorithms to streamline case setup

Consistently design high quality cases with straighter wires and brackets on the height of contour.


Build Excitement

For a clearer visual of the smile transformation, a movie can be created that will superimpose the tooth movement from initial malocclusion to the final design of the patient’s smile. This visual is a great tool to help patients better understand the treatment process and build excitement for the final results.


New Occlusion Tool

Insignia Ai has combined two occlusion tools into a simultaneous function that allows you to interact with the patient’s occlusion from multiple angles. Now you have access to an unprecedented level of interactive visualization to achieve both the esthetics and occlusion you prefer.


With so many new features explore our comprehensive and interactive online tutorial by visiting the website,


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