Legacy™ System

All-in-1 Packaging includes implant, fixturemount, abutment, transfer, cover screw & healing collar.

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Mini-threads with Double-lead Threads for Faster Insertion

The bodies of the Legacy1, Legacy2, Legacy3 and Legacy4 implants are tapered to facilitate insertion in an undersized socket (stop at intermediate drill) for expansion in soft bone. This increases initial stability (G. Niznick: Clinical Oral Health 2000 “Achieving Success in Soft Bone”).

The SBM textured surface extends over the entire endosseous portion of the Legacy system implants. Mini-threads start 1mm below the crest of the bone and extend for 2.0-2.5mm before transitioning into double-lead threads to the apex of the implant.

The mini-threads are half the depth and half the distance between adjacent peaks compared to the double-lead threads that extend to the apex of the implant. Mini-threads reduce stress in the critical crestal bone region while double-lead threads reduce the number of turns required to seat the implant.

Vertical cutting grooves extend up the implant from the apex for self-tapping insertion.


SBM™ and HA Coated Surface Options

SBM surface is created by using a Soluble Blast Media of Hydroxylapatite (HA) crystals to create a medium-rough texture. We use the same vendor for SBM and HA coated surface treatments as used by Paragon Implant Company from 1992-2000 when these studies were conducted.


  • Revolutionary new, two-piece fixture-mount. Top includes torque-safety feature and detaches in impression for metal-to-metal transfer accuracy
  • Fixture-mount may be shortened at the line to function as a final preparable abutment
  • 2mm extender retained by cover screw for use as a healing collar for one-stage surgery features a concave transgingival profile which matches the fixture-mount
  • Internal connection with 1.5mm long hex & internal lead-in bevel
  • Body is straight for top 1/3rd with bottom 2/3rds tapered for bone expansion. Surgically-compatible with Tapered Screw-Vent® drills (except the 5.7mmD implant uses 5.4/4.8mmD Step Drill)
  • Double-lead buttress threads for improved insertion and quadruple-lead threads near top for increased thread engagement & reduced stress
  • Surface options: SBM (Soluble Blast Media) textured or HA-coated
  • Three aggressive self-tapping grooves extend 2/3rds length up the implant
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