DirectGen™ Allograft

DirectGen™ Allograft is a natural, safe and easy to use grafting material. This product comes in a variety of donated tissue types (cortical, cancellous or cortical-cancellous blend) and is suited for a wide range of clinical needs.

DirectGen has been processed utilizing a proprietary process. This process allows for microbial inactivation while minimally manipulating the tissue. This process meets or exceeds requirements set forth by the FDA and American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and as a result, there have been no confirmed cases of disease transmission from allografts in its extensive history.


Cancellous Particulate

DirectGen Mineralized cancellous particulate has the interconnecting porosity associated with trabecular bone structure. This allows for increased capillary action of the blood which in turn promotes rapid formation of osteoblasts for new bone growth.

  • Has increased porosity and surface area which promotes revascularization and supports in-growth of new bone

Cortical Particulate

DirectGen Mineralized cortical particulate offers the structural strength and integrity associated with cortical bone. This results in a slower resorbing graft material that is ideal for space maintenance in grafting procedures.

  • Provides longer lasting scaffold for new bone ingrowth

Cortical-Cancellous Blend

DirectGen Mineralized Blend is a 50:50 mixture of cortical and cancellous particulate. This pre-mixed, easy to use product is intended to provide the clinician with the features and benefits of both tissue types.

  • Simplifies procedure by eliminating need to mix tissues chairside
  • Single donor per vial

Demineralized Cortical Particulate

DirectGen Demineralized particulate has been processed to expose the bone morphogenic proteins within the bone matrix. This results in a graft material that has the potential to induce cell differentiation and new bone formation.

  • Each lot is tested via BMP-2 assay POST sterilization

DirectGen Mineralized/Demineralized Cortical Combo

DirectGen Mineralized/Demineralized Cortical Combo is a 50:50 combination of mineralized cortical tissue and demineralized cortical tissue. This pre-mixed combination results in a material with osteoconductive properties as well as osteoinductive potential.

  • Saves time and effort by eliminating need to mix tissues chairside
  • Mineralized content ideal for space maintenance while demineralized content provides osteoinductive potential


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