Grengloo Two-Way Color Change Adhesive

Grengloo is the two-way color change adhesive that revolutionizes metal bracket bonding by combining the strength, flexibility and intelligent features you want for the reliability you demand.

Quick cure when you want it, not when you don’t

  • Provides great working time for better placement under ambient conditions,
    affording you more flexibility to place and position brackets, remove flash and begin light curing.
  • Quick-cure polymerization provides greater shear bond strength at initial force loading. When you’re ready to cure, Grengloo’s quick-cure initiator cures in as little as 5 seconds with a broad-spectrum curing light (e.g., halogen or CoolBeam™ LED) to quickly deliver remarkable strength while reducing chairtime.
  • Fast polymerization, providing a high percent of total bond strength at initial force loading.

Greater impact resistance

  • Provides high level of impact resistance for reduced emergency visits as a result of bond failures caused by traumatic impacts.
  • Chemical affinity for metal brackets such as Damon® 3MX and Titanium Orthos™ ensures reliable bond strength, even in the most challenging cases.

Superb handling characteristics

  • Formula includes a unique hybrid filler material that provides excellent handling characteristics, making cleanup easy and virtually eliminating bracket drift.

Color on demand

  • “On-demand” color contrast feature aids in fast and accurate cleanup at bonding and debonding.
  • As Grengloo warms to body temperature, the color disappears, remaining clear throughout treatment.
  • When debonding, simply introduce a short blast of cool air or water to lower the bonding surface temperature, and Grengloo turns green again for easy and thorough cleanup.

*Testing comparison conducted with Optilux 501 curing light at 60 seconds.


Syringe Kit contents — 740-0320

  • 2 Syringes Grengloo (4g), 740-0321
  • 1 Bottle Ortho Solo™ (5ml), 740-0271
  • 1 Bottle Etching Solution (10ml), 740-0038
  • 38 Sealant Applicator Brushes, 740-0041*
  • 75 Spatulas, 740-0075

Unidose™ Kit contents — 740-0322

  • 4 Unidose 10-packs Grengloo (8g total), 740-0323**
  • 1 Bottle Ortho Solo (5ml), 740-0271
  • 1 Bottle Etching Solution (10ml), 740-0038
  • 38 Sealant Applicator Brushes, 740-0041*
  • 75 Spatulas, 740-0075
  • 1 Dispensing Gun, 740-0324

* Refill sold separately as a pack of 75.
** Refill sold separately as two packs of 10.


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