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Trusted Curing Light Technology

Demi™ Plus powered by Demetron™ Technology pioneered by our sister company Kerr, has been at the forefront of light curing since its inception. With a light weight, balanced design and intuitive controls, DemiPlus brings sophisticated engineering, enhanced performance and efficiency to the Orthodontist.

Demi Plus features 3 time settings, 5, 10 and 20 seconds with audible beeps after 5 seconds.
For optimal curing, place the light guide as close to the bracket as possible and ensure the light guide is clean and free from debris.

Features & Benefits

True 5-second cure

Consistent output of Periodic Level Shifting (PLS) delivers a true 5-second cure for composite shades A3 and lighter.

Uninterrupted operation

Whisper-quiet fan and unique thermal control system keeps the unit cool for uninterrupted operation, also extending the overall life of the unit.

Advanced battery technology

The lithium-ion battery technology can yield 300 10-second cures with a single charge.

Lightweight, ergonomic design

Multiple holding options are designed to reduce fatigue and make it easier to access the posterior.

Longer Warranty

Our three-year warranty ensures you get the most value out of your premium investment.

Extended Light Guide (Fig. A)
+28% longer reach

The 8 mm Extended Turbo Light Guide enables better application with improved access for posterior procedures.

Enhanced Body Design (Fig. B)

The exterior is made from Valox resin, a high-performance plastic that will protect and extend the life of your unit.

Advanced Battery Design (Fig. C)

The positive contact charger guarantees a snug fit between the contacts on the handpiece and the charger base, and fully coated contacts prevent corrosion over time—ensuring a proper charge with every procedure.



Exterior: Valox Plastic

The exterior of Demi Plus is comprised of Valox, a high-performance thermoplastic polyester resin that has been tested in the consumer world and offers multiple advantages. Derived from 85% post-consumer plastic waste, the lightweight yet highly durable material is chemically resistant, impact resistant, and withstands temperature extremes. The sophisticated engineering of the Valox resin exterior provides unmatched protection for your unit, giving you confidence in your procedures for years to come.


Interior: PLS Technology

Demi Plus employs the power of Periodic Level Shifting, or PLS technology, shifting output intensity from 1,100 mW/cm2 to a peak of 1,330 mW/cm2 multiple times throughout the curing cycle with a wavelength of 450 nm to 470 nm. PLS drives cool, continuous high output for a true 5-second cure without generating excess heat.*

* 5 second cure based on multiple brands and shades of dental composite. 24-hour testing conducted by Kerr R&D.
** 24-hour testing conducted by Kerr R&D.

Order Info

DescriptionPart Number
Demi Plus LED Light Curing System (120 V)
Contains: Handpiece, 8 mm Turbo Extended Light Guide,
Lithium Ion Battery Pack, Battery Charger, Power Supply,
Protective Light Shield.
Demi Plus Battery Pack921918-1
Demi Plus Battery Charger921919-1
Demi Plus Handpiece Replacement921920-1
Demi Plus Power Supply952269
L.E.D. Radiometer910726
8mm Turbo Extended Light Guide921746
8 mm Curved Turbo (8 mm x 70 mm)952213
11 mm Curved Turbo921551
Protective Light Shield20816


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