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The Insignia Clearguide Difference

The Insignia Clearguide aligner system combines the technology of Ormco’s Insignia Advanced Smile Design™ software and AOA aligner engineering expertise. Use your creative, artistic skill to custom-design the perfect smile for each individual patient. The software incorporates your desired outcome into the final design of the aligner sets to create predictable, comfortable tooth movements and beautiful smiles.

  • Insignia user-friendly software is a helpful diagnostic tool and puts full control of case design into your hands
  • Heat N Bite mid-treatment self check ensures on-time, predictable treatment outcomes
  • AOA’s unique aligner material eliminates manufacturing striations resulting in highly aesthetic, truly clear aligners
  • Final smile design can be viewed in the software prior to treatment — a powerful consultation tool
  • Flexible, cost-effective treatment choices available with a single — or dual-arch option.

  • No course certification or annual education requirements
  • No minimum case requirements
  • No start-up or licensing costs
  • Phased training personalized to you and your schedule

The Insignia Clearguide Difference

The Only Aligner System That Puts You In The Driver’s Seat

Insignia Clearguide contributes a significant advancement to orthodontic aligners. Now, you have full control of your cases throughout treatment. From the initial case set-up where you can physically make finite design changes to mid-treatment self-check using Heat N Bite technology, Insignia Clearguide completes patient treatment on time and on track with your design.
The initial case is set up per your preferences and impression data. Customize smiles for each individual patient using the Insignia Approver software. You can affect changes to a tooth’s position including tip, torque, rotation, in/out, occlusal/gingival, and mesial/distal. Changes you make are reviewed by an Insignia Smile Design Technician and then forwarded back to you for review and final approval.

Heat’n’Bite Mid-Treatment Self-Check

Insignia Clearguide Express incorporates a unique, effective mid-treatment step that monitors patient tooth movement throughout treatment. Aligners are provided in phases depending on the number required to complete treatment. In between phases, a Heat N Bite is taken to make appropriate adjustments to subsequent aligner sets. This ensures treatment remains on track, avoiding the need for costly and time-consuming reboots/restarts.

Case Selection

To meet the needs of today’s image-conscious patients, Insignia Clearguide Express is designed for aesthetic alignment of the upper and lower anterior teeth. Single-arch cases can be built to satisfy patients who require high aesthetics but may also need fixed appliance treatment on the opposing arch.

Upper Arches


Lower Arches


The Insignia Clearguide Difference

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