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Furthering the discussion on digital orthodontics today and in the future.

Dedicated to providing advanced educational content, this meeting will continue to foster a collaborative learning environment. In each clinical session, a veteran orthodontist will facilitate engaging and participatory discussions, presenting detailed case examples and clinical evidence while guiding the group on a specific topic. Participants are encouraged to share their challenges and experiences while learning advanced approaches and techniques.

This year’s meeting will focus on discovering how a customized treatment approach can help you create amazing smiles, differentiate your practice, and increase efficiency by reducing appointments and adjustments.

Lecture topics include:

  • The Insignia Appliance — the vision beyond occlusion
  • Implementing Insignia for natural smiles
  • Achieving consistent results with difficult cases — managing your Class II, Class III, and Surgical Cases with ease
  • Utilizing the power of Insignia to treat open bites and deep bites — modified treatment mechanics
  • Best practices for practice growth and success
  • Leading a successful transition to Insignia
  • Practice management and office workflow — how to utilize your team’s time and redefine their roles and responsibilities

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